Alternative Dispute Resolution

Case NumberDateComplainantRespondentCase DescriptionPDR FormSupporting DocumentsStatus
PDR/19/24C/11019/03/2024Silvester Maingi KimondiuBulls Security Services Limited– Complain of unpaid dues
– Wrongful Termination
PDR/22/24D/11222/04/2024Collins Kipgeno
Sharon Chelangat
Stephen Shinka
Kleen Homes Security Services Limited– Pending Salaries ViewViewOngoing
PDR/13/24C/10913/03/2024James Kinaibei
Justus Shikuku
James Moseti
Rafael Munyao Musyoki
P S Security guards– P S Security Registration Status
– Unpaid Dues
PDR/14/24B/10414/02/2024Rafael Munyao MusyokiDeen Security Company Limited– Withheld Indentification card
– Unpaid Salary
– Leave days worked not Paid
PDR/4/24C/1084/3/2024Hamisi WafulaBao Security Limited– Unpaid DuesViewViewOngoing
PDR/31/24A/10231/01/2024Siele Kenneth Bloomfield Apartments– Hiring Unregistered guards
– Harrassment by Guards
PDR/16/24D/11116/04/2024Peter Mutisya NdambukiHatari Security Services Limited– Unnecessary and Unfair Transfers ViewViewOngoing
PDR/23/24A/10123/01/2024Christoper Adeya LumitiSantos Security Limited– Unpaid salary for December
– Uniform Refund
– Transfer Allowances
– NSSF and NHIF Deductions not remitted to the accounts
PDR/05/24B/1035/2/2024Chacha NyamobeNewyork Security Services– Unpaid duesViewNot ProvidedAwaiting Documents
PDR/22/24B/10522/02/2024Benedict Mwanzo ShikukuSentinel Security Protection Services– Delay in disbursment of salary
– Lack of Off Days
ViewNot ProvidedAwaiting Documents
PDR/22/24B/10622/02/2024Jacob OpiyoSentinel Security Protection Services– Delay in disbursment of salaryViewNot ProvidedAwaiting Documents
PDR/01/24C/1071/3/2024George Ngala AyolaAmsec Security services– Unpaid salary
– Unfair Termination
ViewNot ProvidedAwaiting Documents